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About Us

Who we are


We are a team of simple, smart and hard-working people — developers, designers, sommeliers, winemakers and environmentalists, who always spot opportunities in any setting.


All of us have one thing in common: we are extremely determined, particularly when it comes to caring for the environment or finding new ways of doing things — reinvention. It was this very determination that helped us execute a variety of projects, including Treepex, an innovative global start-up.


What we do


We believe that you can cultivate your own grapevine regardless of your profession or how busy your schedule is. So, if you’d like to experience a brand-new emotion from an 8000-year practice on our land, come join us.


We’ve created VVINE – the very first online viticulture platform, or, as we call it, Viticulture 2.0.


You’ve probably heard of cars flying in space. And you would’ve also noticed that the world is being digitized. So now it’s time for you to learn that you are one of the very first people to carry the honorable status of an e-vine-grower and get to cultivate a vine of your own. We are going to plant, nurture and harvest it, and finally send you a bottle of wine made from grapes from that very vine.


Why we do it


VVINE — Viticulture 2.0

Why viticulture and why in the digital era? Because we are purposeful and proud. We believe that it only makes sense if the revolution of viticulture starts from the cradle of wine that is Georgia.


And why a revolution of viticulture? Because we believe that if we re-evaluate our traditions and connect them to the values of the new generation, we can give new life to an age-old Georgian tradition and allow Georgia to showcase itself on the global arena once again. We are confident that with this synthesis of the old and new, we are going to turn a leaf in our history. After all, what says “new” more than digital, and what is older than viticulture in this homeland of ours, right?


So here we are, planting vineyards all over Georgia, thinking that if we are the ones who’ve harvested grapes for over 8000 years now, then we must certainly be the ones to find modern ways of growing the vines as well. Ave!